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What's Next? The supply chain conversation!

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

We have been experiencing vast issues with our supply chain due to the demand during the beginning pf the pandemic. This has been leading to higher prices and much back order, when will this stop?

We all know the demand of products skyrocketed during the pandemic, but have we really realized the true effect it is having on our logistics industry as well?

There has been an influx in diesel prices along with the high demand to collect freight out of the ports after it has waiting days to get unloaded from the ocean carriers. The demand for freight has not stopped, but there has been shortages nation wide of shipping containers, chassis, and shortage of intermodal equipment. Space continues to be limited which means the supply chain cannot move to the highest efficiency.

We need to continue to invest into this vast growing industry including contributing to ports, railroads, and trucking to achieve maximum efficiency.

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