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About Immediaship

We Understand Shippers

Founded in the spare bedroom of our CEO's home, our business has grown steadily over the past 6 years. Our ability to succeed stems from our focus on customer service and providing solutions that deliver real value.  As we've grown, we've never lost touch with the humble principles that our success was founded on; Communication, problem solving, and reliability.


Today with business landscapes so competitive, cost is often the first thing decision makers look at. We respect that but we also believe freight is more than just a commodity, especially with the complexity of today's supply-chain. Striving to find the balance between cost and service helps us create long-lasting client relationships. The relationships whose foundation is built not only on price but on those same principles that allowed us to grow.

As we look ahead, our organization is equally committed to excellence today as we were on day one.  We believe in continuous investments in customer experience and are excited at the opportunity to show you the Immediaship way! 

We Understand Carriers

At Immediaship we understand that we can't serve our clients if we can't source the trucks to haul the freight.  So equally important to the client relationship is the vendor relationship. With that in mind, we utilize technology and industry experience to simplify the scheduling of freight. In addition to providing an easy and reliable platform, we want to ensure our partners are paid on time. Immediaship provides payment to carriers within 30 days of delivery with the opportunity for quick pay. 


Work with our logistics team today to learn about our forecasting capabilities, easy document retrieval/uploading, and a dispatch friendly dashboard. Immediaship is your carrier’s reliable tool for securing loads and growing your business.

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