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From one pallet to oversized flatbeds,
we have the solution for you.


Freight Management
Rail Carriers


We combine technology, industry experience, and trustworthy carrier relationships to provide an unparalleled shipping experience with 24/7 support.


Arranging freight shipments is just the beginning.  Daily tracking reports, freight bill-audit, claim management, and goal-driven quarterly reviews are all additional support programs we provide at no extra cost.  


We offer a wide array of services across multiple industries to get your shipments any where in the world safe and on-time. We strive to understand what each client values most, then tailor a freight program focused on delivering that value.

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About Immediaship

With business landscapes so competitive, cost is often the first thing decision makers look at. Providing trustworthy solutions with exceptional pricing is certainly our first priority, however we believe that freight is more than just a commodity. At Immediaship we maintain the balance of cost and service by striving each day to develop relationships that go far beyond the numbers.


Immediaship continues to grow from our humble beginning by staying true to very simple principles.  Strive to understand value, deliver on that value, and repeat.  


What Our Clients Say

“Shipping multiple modes of hazmat between LTL, expedite, and international, ImmediaShip is always prepared.  We recognize as a major chemical distributor, what we do and what we ask isn’t cookie cutter or easy to execute on short notice.  But we trust ImmediaShip to get the job done right every time with no stress for us”
Leif E. – Director of Supply Chain, Global Chemical Distributor
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