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Top Supply Chain News - 2023

2023 is coming to a wrap, Lets look back on the year and see what is yet to come:

For the past 19 years, The American Transportation Research Institute conducts a large survey that shows the industries top crucial issues, and strategies on how to properly respond to each issue.

Top issue of 2023, with no shock, was the economy. Close second was truck parking. This rose to one of the top issues very fast this year as we all heard about the ongoing issues of safety and closures of trucks stops that makes long hauls more tumultuous. Coming in third, matching with truck parking is the rising fuel prices. We saw an increase influx of fuel costs this year, including standard fuel we all see on a daily basis, but the diesel has rose more than we could've thought. Driver safety, cost of fuel, and driver shortages (number 4) have been on everyone's top radar in 2023.

Will we see a continuance of these issues in 2024, or will this change?

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