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Why Immediaship

We Understand Shippers

With business landscapes so competitive today, cost is often the first thing decision makers look at.  Providing trustworthy solutions at exceptional pricing is certainly our first priority, however we believe that freight is more than just a commodity.  At ImmediaShip we maintain the balance between cost and service by striving each day to develop relationships that go far beyond the numbers.


ImmediaShip utilizes the latest technology to automate operations, provide market transparency, and drive down freight costs, as well as our industry experience to consult customers and provide continuous improvement along the supply chain.

Our Vision

Utilize technology and industry experience to reduce freight costs, streamline operations, and continuously improve logistics along the supply chain.

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It is the combination of technology and personal service
that separates ImmediaShip

We Understand Carriers

At ImmediaShip we utilize technology and industry experience to simplify the scheduling of freight through our automated transportation system. Scheduling loads through multiple back-and-fourth phone calls/emails is not only inefficient, it’s unreliable. Carriers can now view, negotiate, and secure live loads with shippers direct and know right away, if a load is theirs. No more ghost postings, fall offs, or waiting in uncertainty.


In addition to providing an easy and reliable platform, we want to ensure our partners are paid on time. ImmediaShip provides payment to carriers within 30 days of delivery. With forecasting capabilities, easy document retrieval/uploading, and a dispatch friendly dashboard, ImmediaShip is your carrier’s reliable tool for securing loads and growing your business.

Our Vision

Provide reliable loads to dedicated truckload and load-to-ride partial carriers while adding efficiency to their dispatch operation.